Hello everyone !! Its been almost 3 years now that I have started doing my brows.Earlier I used to do makeup and leave my brows undone, claiming thats its just not required that much.I still remember watching that one picture of mine where I had a perfect face with just no eyebrows at all.Since then,I have started doing my brows and theres not even a single day where I have put on the makeup and not done my brows.

Now I live by this rule – Brows define our face !! Continue reading



Hey beautiful !! Today lets talk about red lips…

I know for some of you its a scary color to put on lips and for some its the color that makes them feel strong,independent and sexy.Whether you come in the former category or the latter one,I strongly believe every girl/woman should atleast have one perfect red lip color in the makeup stash.

Now according to the different skin tones , this red color can vary..For lighter skin tones its best to go for  red with blue undertones and for deeper skin tones its better to go with red having warm undertones. Continue reading

CLARINS Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Hey gorgeous, hows the day girl?? Straight away I will be discussing with you the Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil.Anything oil,I am sold.I am a big fan of oils.Be it a face oil or body oil or even bath oils.I love the fact that these oils are so easy to use,make my skin feel nourished and give me such a spa like feel thats just so satisfying that I want almost every oil product in my life.

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Hi my lovely people !! Hows your day going? Its been a long time since we had a talk..Been not regular with my posts lately because of so many personal issues(now thats the excuse that I hate giving).

Recently I came across this brand – CUIR ALLY that claims to have the worlds slimmest unisex smart wallet.Everything about them intrigued me to buy this smart wallet and actually try their features by myself. Continue reading


Hey friends, hows life treating you this week ? I hope you all are doing well being a badass !! Every woman that I know wishes to have thicker,denser eyelashes for that oh-so-perfect eye look.But are we able to achieve it ?? We have already tried countless number of mascaras from various brands that claim to voluminise and lengthen our lashes.Yes,some of them helps.But are we happy with the result? No,not really.One basic formula to get thicker longer eyelashes is Continue reading


Hey gorgeous ladies.I hope you all are just doing fine in your respective fields.Today I would like to throw some light on this much hyped product-Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water that is used for removing make up in a jiffy with no need to rinse after.Is it worth it ?? Yes,I will say.After hearing so much about this product,I gave it a shot and to my amazement it works good just as it claims to be .I was always a Bioderma girl.I loved to remove my make up with it.It took my whole make up removing procedure Continue reading


Hello guys !!! Today I would like to discuss my daily essentials that I like to keep on my bed side so that its easier for me to get things done even while I am sitting in my blanket.This way I won’t miss out on any important stuff that needs to be done on a daily basis.img_3296

So my bed side table comes with two drawers. The lower most drawer I like to keep all my candles that I love burning particularly in this time of the year to give my room a spa like feel.In the upper drawer,I like to keep most of my essentials like Continue reading


Hey to all the beautiful mind-blowing people out there.First of all HAPPY NEW YEARS to everyone !!! May this year you achieve everything you have set goals for and you just become more better,healthier and happier version of yourself.This is my very first blog post of 2017 and I am pretty excited to continue my journey with you guys and strengthen this bond and love for the rest of our lives.Who doesn’t need friends,after all !!

People who know me thinks that I am a big makeup junkie.But frankly telling you I am always so much more interested in my skincare rather than makeup.I always felt that make up glides beautifully on flawless skin thats why skincare excites me more.Few years back, I had to take steroids for a long duration due to some medical condition.With this medication there comes a whole big list of side effects.One of which was scarring and pigmentation.I wanted to go for natural process so I started searching online what all I can use.With the recommendation of very famous supermodel,Miranda Kerr I thought of giving rosehip oil a try.I bought Trilogy Organic Rosehip Oil because that was the only brand that was offering rosehip oil in its most natural state.img_2506


Rosehip oil is a naturally rich source of essential fatty acids. … Essential fatty acids help to regenerate skin cells and to repair damaged skin tissue. It is the essential fatty acids in rosehip oil that quench dry, sun damaged skin and help to improve the appearance of burns, scars, wrinkles and stretch marks.img_2504


As soon as I received my bottle,I started using it every morning and night.This dark colored glass bottle comes with a dropper that according to me is always a plus(hygiene and no-wastage of product).You just need 2 drops of oil as it is so rich and in its purest form.Instantly after the application my face felt hydrated and healthy looking.It has a slight earthy smell to it that somehow vanishes after few minutes.I used this oil for many months and yes it helped me with my scarring and pigmentation.All the essential fatty acids in this oil replenished my skin and my face always looked so soft and supple every morning I wake up.This products lasts for ages so its worth the buy.img_2509

If you are suffering from skin issues like pimples,scars,uneven skintone,dry and dull skin then you must try this oil to know the difference.You know what you are putting on your skin and this is very safe because no chemicals are used in it.You can even use this oil on your scalp to give your hair the conditioning it always need.You getting wholesome goodness of fatty acids that your skin will be thankful for.This oil is perfect for winters and you can even mix this with your foundation for that flawless finish.So this winter give your  skin some good hydration and care that it always deserves.

You can get this product online on so many portals like feelunique.com,amazon.in,amazon.com and many others.

Have a beautiful and glorious year ahead.Loads of love and hugs !!



Its been such a long time (approx a month or so) that I have posted any blog.So heres a very big HI and a warm hug to everyone who look upto my blog and a sincere apology for not so being consistent in my uploading.My sister just got married and it was really very hard for me to sit down and talk with you about any particular product.Now with all the positive energy I am back with all the latest updates and new releases in the beauty industry.

Today I am talking about a cult skincare product of all times.I am talking about the KIEHLS CREAMY EYE TREATMENT WITH AVOCADO. Continue reading